I have always loved Staples!


I have always loved Staples. I guess I just have a “thing” for what they sell and the way their retail stores are set up. You can say; “I am a Fan.”

I have found, over the years, that I am intrigued by things that contradict themselves and companies/people who do not “walk their talk.” So, I was completely amazed when I decided to apply for a Business Development position with Staples.  

Now, after reading all 85+ Influencer Posts on Linkedin, it has become clearer to me how influential people hire. It also resonated that the Resume is highly overrated in the actual decision making process. Applying online for the Staples position ranked right up there with a root canal for me, clearly their system didn’t care for the way my Resume read. Nothing from my downloaded file translated to their Employment Information Format. Lord knows, I tried. But ultimately I got too frustrated and decided to let them figure out what was what on their end.

Next, I took a 10-minuted (timed) test to evaluate my general IQ (which previous tests have confirmed to be 135,) and I’m pretty certain most functioning adults have little trouble passing. Following that was an assessment, actually a 12-page assessment. I like to call these the Psychopath Filters. Seriously, does anyone really answer Strongly Agree to “I tend to lose my temper and shout at people when something goes wrong?”

After about an hour of data entry and at the end of the application I was redirected to the Staples Home Page. The first thing I see is the logo posted above and, coincidentally, the TV in my office had just shown the Staples “Easy Button” commercial. Had to laugh about that.

Look, am I going to be any less of a Fan of Staples because of the ordeal? Of course not. The point is if your Core Values start with “Easy” then you better be real sure that “Easy” is what you’re delivering. It becomes a matter of trust. Make things difficult when you promise “Easy” and customers may come to doubt your word. Once that trust is lost, it’s real hard to get it back at the same level.

Just one of those things that gives me pause… and probably not a job at Staples.

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