Just trying to help…

One of the groups I belong to on Linkedin is Linked-Golfers. It is an open forum for golf networking. Recently, a young lady, named Nancy, posted the following appeal for help:

Any Ideas for indoor practice for the full swing? I don’t have too much room, but don’t want to lose momentum from the end of last season. I have been practicing my putting.

As much as I wanted to help, I could only think of my own insane full-swing indoor practice. My routines have caused broken furniture, shattered glass objects (better known as “knick-knacks,” but also known as “windows.”) and the occasional carpet divot. In fact, a cartoonist friend of mine chronicled my exploits in the cartoon that follows. So, as much as I’d love to help…I just don’t feel qualified. What do you think?

Carpet Divot-2