Meant to be?

Meant to be

She bolted up the stairs, two-at-a-time. She dashed across the foyer and out the front door, all before he even reached the top of the stairs. He watched from the portal as  she ran across the front yard and into the street.

His head was spinning with questions and confusion. The taste of her lips against his was still fresh as she disappeared around the corner, sprinting towards her house, just down the block. He remained in the doorway for some time after she was gone, wanting to follow her but thinking better of it. What would he say anyway? The were Best Friends. They were young, only 17. The kiss had been impulsive, unexpected and would never be spoken of again. For 45 years they would lead very separate lives.

Somehow, if after all the time the were to meet again, would they look each other in the eyes and be curious if things between them had really happened as they were meant to be. No matter how many years remain in his life, he will always wonder what would have happened if he had only run after her.